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LED (LED) floodlights are a modern solution for lighting construction and utility sites, open areas, house facades and more. Thanks to LED technology, LED floodlights, with relatively low power consumption, have the highest brightness. LED spotlights are a worthy replacement for halogen spotlights. Lemanso LED spotlights are quality at an affordable price!
LED (LED) projectors are powerful modern directional lighting fixtures that are used both for outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. You can use LED spotlights to illuminate the facades of buildings, open areas, landscape design. Also, spotlights are indispensable at construction sites, in parking lots, at other industrial facilities.
The biggest advantage of LED spotlights, like all LED ones, is significant energy savings (up to 90% compared to incandescent lamps). It should be noted such advantages of using an LED spotlight:
- long working time (LED lamp continuously works up to 50,000 hours);
- adaptation to voltage drops (devices operate continuously at any voltage or voltage drops);
- adaptability to various temperature conditions (LED devices operate without damage and interruptions at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 40 ° C at any time of the year);
- have low heat;
- compact dimensions;
- resistance to vibration and mechanical stress.
LED LED spotlights based on LED elements are produced. Lemanso offers inexpensive LED spotlights with a wide range of glow temperatures:
- 3000K - warm;
- 4500K - neutral, daylight, white;
- 6500K - cold white.
LED spotlights also have a reflector. Thanks to the reflection of the reflector, the light rays are focused, forming a powerful beam. This increases the efficiency of the lamp. Floodlight housing protection indicates the degree of protection (IR). Lemanso LED spotlights are quality at an affordable price.